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A., and in July at San Francisco's Popscene before being back with Warpaint for their Desert Daze slot.Excited about her live shows, Wayman chatted about heartbreak, creating music with her brother and how her instinct to finesse each song - in a manner she has never indulged in with Warpaint's more stream-of-consciousness modus operandi - might influence their future records.

The best of the songs are a studied balance of emotional openness revealed lyrically, catchy hooks and melodies that draw you in, and a sonic landscape that effectively paints the mood.After several recent, high-profile, Warpaint opening slots for Depeche Mode and Harry Styles, we caught up with the Los Angeles native on the phone in London.AXS: “Safe” begins with what sounds like children in a playground, then these vocalization exercises.These two scenes seem quite jarring, sort of symbolic of being a mom and being in a band – there’s this push and pull.TW: He has a lot of passion but he’s not as irrationally emotional, I can be a lot more up and down. I think with the girls sometimes we can all be in those moods, that’s a great thing but not as simple. Or some production trick he might know that could be really key.

It was also fun to bring things out of my brother too – he’s a drummer originally but he’s also good with top lines, melodies and arrangements. AXS: You also brought Money Mark (best known for his work with the Beastie Boys) to the project – did you have an idea of what you were hoping he’d bring to the table? Ultimately, what he ended up doing was just playing on top of the songs and just jamming.

The ten tracks featured are often cinematic baring trip-hop, Bjork and Couteau Twins influences with enticing moods and melodies.

"Love Leaks" offers a fleeting glimpse into her interior world with gauzy vocals while "I've Been Fine" is an invitation to linger; a deliberate attempt to witness and share in that post-breakup longing and turmoil without the self-pity.

The electric piano on “Tutorial” and the main line in the chorus of “Love Leaks,” those are things that came from him and really opened my mind to where I could go creatively – I feel those are the sort of things that can happen through collaborations you can start to use different palette and ideas.

AXS: The 'main line' refers to the actual lyrics in the chorus or a production term?

So that song has a mish-mash of new and old elements.