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TP: I would say to really put it out there what it is you desire in a romantic partner. A real tear jerker and made me believe in that magical kind of love. Write it down, make it specific, throw love and positive energy at it and then let it go and do not obsess.

Palmer thought that she would work in an animal rescue service, and eventually open her own animal welfare agency.A role in Wolf Creek (2005) followed, in a pool party scene.e H: Do you think that there are any ‘wrong’ decisions, or does everything unfold as it should?TP: I am a real believer in the notion that everything happens for a reason and our experiences are opportunities to reflect, observe, and grow. Do we have one, more than one, several through our lives? I think it’s very rare to come across these people in life.Palmer starred in the psychological thriller Restraint, with English actor Stephen Moyer and Calvin Klein model Travis Fimmel.

Shot on location around New South Wales in mid-2005, the film was written by Dave Warner and directed by David Denneen.

Cultivate self love and don’t look for anything external to make you happy (like a relationship), you already have all you need within you. TP: Being able to strike a balance between being fulfilled in both my work life and my home life with my son and husband.

I really practiced this and within a few months I met my husband.

TP: I think both are imperative but the most important of all is the ability to cultivate self love and acceptance and from there we can radiate love to all of those around us.

e H: What is the best advice you have heard or gotten?

She then starred in December Boys, a coming-of-age film set in the 1960s, based on a novel by Michael Noonan.