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Ex-LFO lead singer Rich Cronin wrote "Girl on TV" for Hewitt in 1999, and I was always jealous of her for that.The two met through their publicist and dated for about a year and half before calling it quits.

Sometimes these couples were just plain bizarre — and very entertaining.

Here are some of the most interesting and forgotten early aughts pop star relationships to take you back to simpler times.

It seems like they were all good friends and that they remain on good terms today, because Milano recently shared a #tbt of all of them together taken while Brit and JT were still a couple.

Milano told Access Hollywood in 2013, “Yeah that’s true, that was right after Britney broke his heart, I swooped in for the kill!

In 2004, the boy band star and the socialite hooked up at the height of both of their careers.

It seemed like they only had partying in common, and Carter confessed to that fact in his memoir, Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It.

”Recently news came out that Nicole Scherzinger was having a fling with Ed Sheeran, which I thought totally weird (it ended up not being true), but it wouldn't have been her first foray into a surprising relationship.

Back in 2000, Scherzinger met and dated Nick Hexum, lead singer of band 311 for four years!

But things don't seem to have ended well as she reportedly denied even know Miguel during a Mexican interview.

It seems like eternities ago that this happened, but it certainly did.

She opened for BSB during a 1999 tour and dealt with signs in the crowd reading, "Die Willa." I am glad those girls didn't have Twitter back then 'cause wow...