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He is an average height measurement of 5 feet 5 inches.

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), also known as Parker Jeydon Wale as of April 2018, is a Canadian You Tube Vlogger.

Including being a well educated and self-taught musician, a lyricist, and first inspired by Eminem and Michael Jackson and he started performing many shows of his original songs such as “Ice Cream Sammich,” which he created in 2013 and “Just another love story” in 2015 that was his latest music generated.

Being Canadian Web Video Star, he lives quite a luxurious lifestyle compared to most by his age because of his Youtube career he has made a name for himself having a title worthy of a well-deserved net worth with his large fan base through social media but unfortunately because of insufficient information his net worth is kept hidden.

You Tuber who became known for a channel called sammrochelle where she generally vlogged about her life for her more than 120,000 subscribers. She created her sammrochelle channel on July 23, 2013.

Daily Grace was one of the first You Tubers she ever watched.

She received a lot of engagement on Instagram, receiving anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 likes per photo from her 190,000 Instagram followers.

Famously referred to as the character “Hunter,” Jeydon is one hell of a musician too.

He has even thought of suicide, which he did try to put to action twice, but failed, because in the end A) his mother caught him THANKFULLY, or B) his notification alarm went off, an it was a fan, a futhermucker, saying how much he's helped them with everything.

Parker got a tattoo that says , which was the time he joined You Tube, and the time his futhermuckers helped him, and he helped them.

Jeydon the Canadian born is the oldest sibling in his family with younger brother and sister, but according to some wiki sites, he was rumored to have another sister whom they lost at age three.