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After all, Young and Ambrose have been public about the fact that Young receives constant online hate from obsessed Ambrose fans who say that she is not good enough for him.Young and Ambrose have always been somewhat private about their relationship, at least until they started appearing on It’s not clear where Dean Ambrose and Renee Young got married, but it does not seem that it was in Las Vegas, Nevada, where they live, as the Clark County Clerk’s Office has no record of Young and Ambrose’s marriage license on file.

But Wednesday morning, Young seemingly put the whole thing to bed saying, "Marriage is nice.

Thanks for all the love." The two have been dating in real life for roughly 3 years.

There was a time when Renee Young and Dean Ambrose’s relationship was the talk of the pro wrestling community — or at least a very young, very outspoken section of it — centered mostly around whether or not they were actually a couple.

She came clean and admitted they were in love early last year while maintaining their want to keep the relationship private.

He idolized Beret Hart as a child as he was one of the best wrestlers at that time.

Going to school wasn’t really his thing as he dropped out of high school just a year after beginning his training as a wrestler.

personality Renee Young confirmed that she and Ambrose are a married couple.

This came after fans had speculated that the two tied the knot, but Young did not offer any information about when the wedding took place.

Literally the extent of our knowledge about this situation is that Young and Ambrose are now married when they weren’t before.

It’s not hard to understand why they might want to keep this part of their lives private.

A year into his career, Dean Ambrose teamed up with Jimmy Turner to form the tag team “Necessary Roughness.” They won their first championship title on May 11, 2005, when they defeated Mike and Track Desire of the “Extreme Desire” tag team.