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Taylor fueled the split into two epic breakup songs, "Last Kiss" and "Better Than Revenge," while Joe denied ever being so inconsiderate.Things seemed frosty between the two for years, but they were both able to put the past behind them when Joe started dating Gigi Hadid, an official member of Taylor's girl squad, in 2015.Dating all the way back to 2008, you could frequently catch them making appearances in each other's vines, and they even shot You Tube videos together.

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Their relationship moved quickly as the two actors fell in love, got engaged and married all within nearly a year of dating, but now they’ve been together for over four years!These two are both fiercely private with their relationship, so not much is known about them as a couple, but we managed to dig up a few fun tidbits!Not much is known about their short-lived relationship, but they sure did make one good-looking couple. They adopted tons of cute animals during their whirlwind romance, before eventually tying the knot in 2017.Having to work with your ex, friendly or not, sounds awkward enough, but having to pretend to be in love with your ex who just married your friend takes the awk to a whole new level.The two both dated 2 Ian and Nikki first sparked rumors of a romance when they were spotted going for runs together and getting cozy at an L. farmers market, but no one could confirm they were dating at the time.

They were spotted once again out for dinner on what appeared to be another date at Craig’s in West Hollywood and in early August, Somerhalder posted a photo on Instagram sharing the news that he and Reed had adopted a horse together which confirmed the two were in fact dating.Later that year, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift met on the set of .On-screen, they played a high school couple who were totally obsessed with each other, and irl, things were basically the same.Lily experienced déjà vu when she fell for another one of her co-stars, Jamie Campbell Bower, on the set of in 2012.The couple had an on again/off again romance before officially breaking up in 2015.Taylor even went on a double date with Gigi and Joe.