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Hope meets Quinn Fuller and starts questioning her about Wyatt's sword necklace. When Hope mentions that Bill and Liam each wear one exactly like it, Quinn suddenly becomes uncomfortable.

She tells Hope that it may be possible that another designer may have made the same type of necklace.

Wyatt takes Hope's breath away when he gives her a gentle kiss.

Tom proves why she's a back-to-back Emmy-award winning actress who needs to be on screen more often instead of pitch hitting when needed. Nick struggled with the revelation that the boy he believed to be his son, Christian, is actually the biological son of his half brother Adam (Justin Hartley).From the moment Sharon (Sharon Case) spilled the proverbial beans about Christian, to her sitting with Nick in the hospital as he awaited the rushed DNA test results, Morrow was compelling.Tom went from showing her screen partner (Darin Brooks) love and happiness with Katie's recent engagement, to heartbreak and anger opposite Don Diamont's Bill as she and Wyatt revealed their romance.Tom delivered a variety of emotions in just one 30-minute episode, showcasing what she can do when brought off the bench.While walking through the woods, she stumbles upon Wyatt, who's in a solar shower and then takes a photo of him with her phone.

But when he catches her, she runs off while he chases after her until Hope suddenly trips and is knocked out. He later finds her phone and finds her at the Forrester cabin where he gives her the phone and also introduces himself.

After Hope tells Liam to leave, which he does, she and Wyatt talk. After giving her a kiss, she is shocked to see that he is wearing a sword necklace similar to one that Liam and Bill both wear.

Her curiosity about Wyatt becomes even more so when he takes her to his mother's jewelry company, which is located at a warehouse, which also serves as his home, near downtown Los Angeles.

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In one of the best scenes of any soap last week, Don Diamont didn't pull any punches when he ripped Katie and Wyatt's engagement to shreds.