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Nude Embellished Mini Dress, £180 Black Embellished Jumpsuit, £180 Black Pearl Denim Jacket, £75 Black Satin Over The Knee Boots, £70 Hi, my name is Caitlin and I am a third year BA (Hons) International Business student currently majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.I am a lover of all things beauty and makeup related and in my spare time I love to read fashion and beauty blogs to keep up with the latest trends.Also, the internet star has presented her blogging skills which can be seen from her blog named The Fashion Bybel.

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I am also a keen traveller, having spent 4 months studying in Montreal, Canada last year which was the best experience of my life to date!Makeup guru Carli Bybel—who has amassed more than four million subscribers and 364 million views of her You Tube videos since 2011—released a video about her first day as a vegan.Beauty, fitness, makeup and beauty expert Carli Bybel is best known for being the You Tube star who has accumulated more than 5 million of subscribers on her You Tube channel.At present, she is found running two channels namely Carli Bel55 and Inner Beauty Bybel.Bybel was initially inspired to go vegan as a way to address her eczema flare-ups, but after researching the cruelty involved in the production of meat and dairy, the social media star made a commitment to rid her life of animal products.

After watching videos of male chicks ground up as a byproduct of the egg industry and cows suffering for the production of milk, Bybel said, “Once you see something with your own eyes, it changes everything.” Bybel’s cat, Cindy, made an appearance in the 14-minute clip, which finds the vlogger stating, “All I could think about was my baby,” adding, “They have feelings, they have love, they are aware.” She goes on to explain how “the whole industry is so screwed up.Carli Bybel Website Beauty and fitness queen Carli Bybel website can be reached at One can find makeup, fashion and other details which are two essentials for ladies who have the keen desire in beauty items like foundation, lip liner, mascara, brow gel, beauty blender, shade and light palette and much more in detail. Moving to her personal life, Carli Bybel is dating Brett Cap who is too a You Tube star and presenter.Her birthplace is said to be Morganville, New Jersey, the United States.Besides her social networking sites account, Carli Bybel runs a personal website too and currently lives in the house in New Jersey.Early Life and Education Being born in New Jersey, she was raised up there along with a sister named Amanda.