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A Heavy Bolter is a powerful Bolt Weapon that is used for anti-infantry and fire support roles, and is also known as the "Backbreaker" or the "Bruiser" because of its great weight and the amount of damage it can deal.

Unlike the Boltgun, it is relatively common in Imperial Guard armies and is also often used by the Space Marines.

Unlike their mortal counterparts, a single Space Marine, being much stronger than a normal man and having the added strength provided by his Power Armour, can carry both the Heavy Bolter and its ammunition in a specially designed pack.

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These features enable the Heavy Bolter to maintain rates of fire that are physically impossible for a standard Bolter or Bolt Pistol.

The Heavy Bolter has an anti-infantry fire support role in an Imperial Guard unit, and is a very powerful weapon due to the rocket-propelled explosive rounds it fires.

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