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See the shapefiles applications page for some examples.

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str_capital, str_concat, str_fields_count, str_get_cols, str_get_dq, str_get_field, str_get_nl, str_index_of_substr, str_insert, str_is_blank, str_join, str_left_strip, str_lower, str_right_strip, str_squeeze, str_strip, str_sub_str, str_switch, str_upper Support for shapefiles and other geospatial data formats addfile, ncl_filedump and ncl_convert2nc will support the reading of several geospatial vector-data formats, such as shapefiles (.shp), Map Info interchange files (.mif), Generic Mapping Tools ascii files (.gmt), and pre-2006 edition TIGER/Line files (.rt1).

This will be a test version, so use at your own risk.

To write a Net CDF-4 classic file, you must have put the following line in your NCL script, before any addfile(s) call: If you then transfer this Net CDF file to a little endian system (Linux Intel or Mac Intel systems), you may not be able to read it back in using an NCL script, ncl_filedump, or any other program that reads Net CDF-4 classic files.

Another bug in the recent implementation of aggregated variable subscripting for the file list returned by the addfiles function was found in version 5.1.1 and has now been fixed.

However, centers such as ECMWF sometimes provide tables that have are have no short names for some or all the parameters in the table.

Formerly, the NCL developers made up suitable short names, but this practice has been discontinued.

In this release the REST API is disabled by default (expect for calls from within the web UI using cookie authentication) – see #22598 for more details.

Python for Windows, Linux/UNIX, Mac OS X, Other Want to help test development versions of Python? See below for specific releases For most Unix systems, you must download and compile the source code.

Feature release including security fixes and our brand new experimental REST API.

The REST API can be extended by plugins and power web UI ajax features.

As a result, we provide OPe NDAP-enabled binaries for all systems we support.