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In fact we thought it looked so good that we were convinced it was more or less the final draft.

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The conduit had to be completely unambiguous for the metaphor to work and in the end we couldn’t help feeling that with this approach we were trying too hard to push the package concept where it just didn’t belong.Another way to main a consistent style apart from reusing metaphors and drawing technique is of course through color scheme.It took us nearly 2 weeks to decide on the final draft and while we’re really happy with the end result, we struggled at times to come up with a satisfying image that we thought users would easily understand.When designing an icon that has to fit into an existing set it pays to remember that reusing a metaphor is not the only way to achieve consistency.The icons used in Cornerstone 2 were never originally conceived as a complete set but came into existence gradually, pretty much at the same time as the feature set itself.

The brief to design an icon for the newly added Branching functionality came somewhat late in the day when it had to fit into an existing icon set which comprised of the Merge, Update and Commit icons.We’d use the color and perspective from the Update, Commit and Branch icons and apply it to the most familiar branching metaphor we could think of: the branching of the stem of a plant.Again the colors of the leaves’ veins would be based on the highlight colors used in the leaf icon but be bolder and drawn to indicate a fatter, rounder more succulent leaf, much like an aloe vera plant.Color scheme, perspective and drawing style, used in the right proportions (together with a good dollop of perseverance) can be just as important.There are positives and negatives to developing a client for an established system like Subversion. Anyone who has ever done serious UI development knows differently.The first step was to try and reuse the blue and red package metaphor for ‘changes’ as originally used in the Update and Commit icons and apply it to the context of branching.