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Poker Copilot has power, but we hide that behind a user interface that makes it easy to find things, easy to track your playing style, and easy to change things to help the way you play. Hold’em Manager is one of the dominant products in poker tracking.

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Hold’em Manager needs a separate product installed on your computer called Postgre SQL.This is a database product that runs next to Hold’em Manager. Instead it has its own embedded database that you need never see directly. Poker Copilot charges you one price for everything.Two almost identical products, with the same requirements, the same features, and the same pricing, right down to the last cent. Since 2008, Poker Copilot has been the leading Mac poker tracking software.Now, from November 2015, Poker Copilot is also on Windows.Installing an HM2 update will normally not affect the database. For example, I played a ton of tournaments and SNGs on 888 Poker but they almost all disappeared.

I think the last database update included was 1/2 a year ago. When there are too many hands to import, at start HM2 just won't import them all even after waiting a long time.Now, a few weeks later, it is happening again, after being fine for a bunch of games, cash, tourney etc.HEM connected to postgre, Avast was active, all was well.Please see this FAQ to alleviate any security bottlenecks: HM2 use You can try a clean postgres install as well: Please uninstall postgresql.1) Open the command prompt, running as administrator (right click it in start - accessories, choose run as administrator) 2) Type: net user postgres /del hit enter 3) restart 4) Now reinstall postgres. Musím mít na Pokerstars lobby v angličtině, aby mi šel HUD na zoomu na Windows 10?