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This means that the only place to get a "free map" is to "steal a map".

Nobody likes to think of themselves as a thief, but copying occupies a “grey area” on most peoples moral compass.

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if you want to try and get something for nothing - then at least read what we have to say.

As experts in this area we have a good deal of experience and may save you wasting your time and your money. They have a forthcoming holiday in Europe, or are going to a new area of the UK camping, travelling or touring.

We accept that you may need some new maps, however before you start looking all over the internet and involve yourself in a lot of time and effort - we suggest you glance through this short and helpful article.

Lets explain one thing from the start: There is no such thing as a "free map".

Go online and find a popular pirate site and download the following: a recent Navcore, a recent map and an illegal activator program.

This is harder than it appears and may end up with torrents, virus and all sorts pirate site issues. Download the files and open them on your computer - unpack them.Its a deliberate ploy on behalf of satnav manufacturers.See our comments on this development later in this article.Well it means destroying the main hardware, flash memory or other part of an electronic device, such that it cannot be recovered., Its of course an easy thing to do - destroying hardware can be accomplished in a number of easy ways.However when a person "bricks” this tends to be done accidentally - normally whilst trying to upgrade, hack or unlock the device.It does show that maps are the key component to a satnav and as such nobody - tomtom nor garmin will be giving them away.