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Then they try to predict other songs you might also like -- in this case already on your i Phone -- and whip you up a near-instant playlist on-demand. That depends entirely on how much music you have on your i Phone (the pool from which it can draw), how closely the metadata matches what's in i Tunes (or it won't recognize your music -- try tweaking the fields if you have trouble), and how many other users have contributed their data to the cloud (because the engine will supposedly get better and better the more information it's fed).Okay, so enough about what Genius Playlists are, how do we get them working on our i Phone? UPDATE: In order to use Genius Playlists on your i Phone, you have to have the Genius service enabled under i Tunes 8, and if you are manually managing your music, have at least one i Tunes playlist you've dragged to your i Phone (otherwise the i Phone Genius service will not initialize). Flick-scroll your way through it until you find a "seed" song you want to use to generate your Genius playlist around.

It will put alternative rock together, classic rock together, etc.It can be a great way to listen to music without having to skip around too much.On top of reading your speed, cadence and power, you may now control the resistance of our trainers with software of others.Smart trainers Smart trainers by Tacx have the following features in common: - ANT and Bluetooth Smart - Standard power and speed/cadence profile - Stand-alone: without connecting to a device the trainer acts as if you’re riding on a flat road - NEW: ANT FE-C certified Because of these features you can use the trainer as you see fit: connect to the device you want and use the software fitting your needs.I buy a lot of apps, and I’m always interested in knowing about others that might be kind of similar, whether it’s a music player, writing app, etc.

Opening the App Store, if you click on the “Featured” menu, it has an option at the top right for “Genius.” If you click on that, it will then allow you to “Turn on Genius” and make suggestions similarly to the way it made music suggestions.

Just tap to enable the heads-up controls and then hit the Genius icon in the middle. Give it a try, and brilliant lists or total duds, let us know just how dazzling your Genius is!

Some music and app fans enjoy the Genius function in i Tunes, and some don’t.

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