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If you’re feeling wobbly (or just pretending to be so), you can reach for your partner’s gloved hand and, suddenly, you’re a unit gliding along frozen water.

This material below was gathered in the summer of 2016 and is correct to the best of our knowledge as of the initial date of posting (October 4, 2016).Since then, the University has implemented Policy #131 on Sexual Assault and Other Sexual Misconduct (effective May 18, 2017). For more information on this policy, including how to report an instance of sexual misconduct, visit My best first date involved skating at The Robson Square Ice Rink.I arrived at the rink with my skates and a picture on my phone of the guy I was supposed to be meeting. When he finally did arrive, I was blown away by the immediate chemistry.We were holding hands, skating side-by-side on the ice, within five minutes.

Ice skating is a lovely date since it’s inexpensive, more active and inventive than your usual chatting over coffee, and invites G-rated physical contact.Rates are reasonable (adult .75, rental .50), with UBC students skating for free.Expect a friendly student crowd, along with members of the public – all out to have a good time on the ice.The Vancouver Art Gallery Café and Thierry, for example, would be perfect for a pastry and a drink.The City of Vancouver operates eight rinks around the city, such as Britannia Rink (1601 Parker Street, open year-round) and Kitsilano Rink (2690 Larch Street, open until March), with a variety of times and options for public skating (eg family skate, older adult skate, public skate).UBCDS’ goal is twofold: to compete in national and global competitions so as to bring recognition and prestige to our school, while also spreading our love and knowledge of debate to the community.