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My girlfriends have always been older than me and that’s how I like it.

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You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes.

You could soon discover the pleasures of an older woman.The Toyboy dating community offers everything you could need to date older women or younger men.There was a small squeeze plastic bottle in his chest so that you could squirt water out of his chest. He has wheels on his base so you can roll him around. Arms open & close, he can bend over to pick up items & carry. or the acrylic chipping and flying off into kids eyes. Set included stickers you would put on the walls to depict 1960s decor.Originally came with "Garloo" medallion, wrist chains, cardboard tray, shoulder pads, palms pads & leopard print loin cloth. My mom wouldn't buy him though, because she thought he was too ugly! A newer version came out that was basically hard plastic balls that won't chip and they were about 1/2 the size of the originals. Over 45 pieces of plastic furniture in various colors came with the house.Machine He takes 2 "D" batteries to make his eyes light up. There is a crank on his back to make him talk & say phrases. He looks the same as the original 1950s version - except the 50s Zippy had Howdy Doody on his hat. Originally included 6 cannon balls, Rebel flag & ramrod. There was also a non-magnetic sitting woman and a plastic car with a magnet on front axle.

The balls & rockets are stored in his base and there is a Compass down there too. Two acrylic balls, usually about 1.5" in diameter connected with a string. The idea was to hold the string, ring or paddle, and get the balls klacking each other - to eventually get the balls to travel in an upward arc to hit each other at a position. Taken off the market due to accidents with kids hitting each other with the hard balls.. Black plush body with rubber face, hands and shoes. Was introduced during the year of the Civil War Centennial. Large masonite board with paper litho - measures 26" x 20". Two plastic wands were included with magnets on them which would allow you to move the people and car about the house.

The boy toy is a variation on the usual No Strings Attached situation.

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We dare not call them cougars, right, if you're looking for a Toy Boy, inevitably you will have to pay some way down the line.

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