Tom brady dating supermodel

Surprisingly enough, even though Brady is one of the top quarterbacks in the NFl, it is Bündchen that brings in most of the revenue.She has a solo estimated net worth of 0 million while Brady makes around 0 million.You throw fits…you pout and you whine until you get what you want." During one of the weddings of Bündchen and Brady (they had two), it was reported that there were gunshots fired at paparazzi.

Soon after, it was reported by tabloids that Brady and the Gisele Bündchen had just started dating.The timing of the announcement was controversial because soon after, it was announced that Moynahan was pregnant with Brady's child.He limits himself to the occasional smoothie with banana and only allows himself to eat avocado ice cream for dessert.It is reported that his Victoria Secret model wife also follows the same diet.It looks like the couple's relationship had been nothing but smooth sailing up to this point minus the minor hiccups at the beginning of their relationship.

However, in 2015, the couple were engulfed in rumors stating that their marriage was in shambles.

He gets his fat intake from the "extra olive oil on raw foods and coconut oil on cooked foods".

Brady avoids sugar, flour, some fruits and vegetables, coffee and dairy.

Despite being in the spotlight, the couple has managed to raise their son, Benjamin and daughter, Vivian.

In 2012, they bought a million dollar mansion along with a million dollar Condo at One Madison in Manhattan while beginning construction on a new home near Boston. Dre for million and moved into their new Boston mansion. Their massive garden in the backyard where the couple gets most of their food from.

According to sources, Brady often is compared to a child when it comes to wanting attention from his wife.