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The criteria for selecting the placement are simple: Where does the average Warby Parker glasses wearer keep his or her frames?

Experimental locations include office cabinets, kitchen drawers, on Brigitte’s desk, and inside her purse.: Brigitte lets the elements take their course.

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Interviewees include everyone from Amy Poehler to Louis C. to John Mulaney, and the conversations are reliably mind-blowing. He inspired a generation to take the road less traveled, and his ethos is woven into the DNA of this company. They make art (Malu), take photos (Harry), and design (both).

Not to be fanboys/fangirls/fanpeople, but hearing Marc say the words “Warby Parker” makes us happy in a way that is almost NSFW. Do not stay in the house designated for couples if you yourself do not have a significant other. (Our name even comes from a Kerouac journal.)Each new employee receives a copy of Kerouac’s 1958 novel Instead of going out for a celebratory lunch, the whole team heads to the Lower East Side’s Doughnut Plant to replace the usual vegetable-protein-carbohydrate afternoon combo with glucose, glucose, and more glucose. They’re not trained actors—but hey, neither are we.

We host a series of events and parties at The Standard, High Line to inject some warmth into what looks like a cruel, cruel meteorological forecast. He’s got style, but in a subtle way, like he always wears cool socks.

The weekend includes live music at The Standard Biergarten, where we get merry and carbo-load on salted pretzels. Then again, ‘vacuum’ is even weirder…’ And soon you’ve forgotten all about poor Johnny P. Based on interviews with close friends who insisted on anonymity, Jon is hands-down a reliable guy. He’s the kind of guy who could date your sister and you’d be ok with it.

HR was into it.)Third anniversaries are typically signified by gifts of leather, but we like monocles for their versatility: that one single lens can make you look villainous, clever, or just freakishly adorable.(Also, they come in a leather case…)Marc Maron is the king of podcasts and WTF is the podcast of kings. It comes close to violating everything we will learn in sensitivity training.4. It’s more of a hobby than a meal, really.”The Warby Parker Class Trip continues its grand culinary tour of Los Angeles. As the name implies (it’s German for “sausage kitchen”), the restaurant offers lots of beer and tasty sausages. Director Phil Andelman has filmed car chases in Korea, Taylor Swift in Paris, and videos for Beyoncé, Rihanna, The Kills, the Beastie Boys, and now…us!

Each week, Maron—a veteran standup comic, actor, and brilliant interviewer—talks to people in his garage. In a pinch, stolen firewood can help move a stuck car out of a stubborn snow drift. Kerouac was a Beat Generation writer and thinker; a man of catholic tastes possessed of a strong will to explore every avenue of being. The actors, Harry Mc Nally and Malu Byrne, both come from creative New York City families—Keith Mc Nally and David Byrne, respectively.Workers pulled levers to release up to a story’s worth of cereal from above, effectively “making it rain” cereal.5.Some of the flakes in your cereal box start out as big as your palm.They are literally the size of my grandma’s readers.”“I like how wide these are. You can’t see my face at all.”Follow these instructions to complete the Annual Report in Hero mode. When finished, press arrow right to continue Annual Report in Hero mode. Our Spring 2013 Collection, released today, features eight foolproof classics. Good photography can go a long way in terms of increasing conversion—quality detail and presentation are key.4. Make it relatable and helpful, not dry and boring.5.First, collect the following items: one ancient crystal, three golden relics, and six Ritz crackers (regular, not low sodium). We think of these frames as the equivalent of a perfect pair of jeans or little black dress—something that elevates your look with minimal effort.1. Website performance affects the customer experience. The slower it is, the more unhappy people become.“Well, I guess it all started the first time I went through the second grade.Unfortunately, a side effect of Hurricane Sandy was a cancellation of our annual party, which left the costumes accumulating dust beneath Mara’s desk. Today, employees arrive at work in their usual attire, slip out to put on the stripes, and proceed with the day as usual. Before this trip, he had never skied until he took a lesson by himself and returned to the group with some genuinely dazzling skills. confirms, “I got the hang of it, went to the top of the mountain and went down the intermediate track. The ingredients: denim shirt, denim jacket, denim pants, confident stance. Dinner is followed by a scavenger hunt in Grand Central Terminal and an after-party at a bar, where everyone remains polite, moderate, and well-behaved until the early hours. The winner is Kareem, who consumes 37 chicken wings.