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(There may be) millions of Americans watching right now who met their spouse at work." Smiley also denied fostering a verbally abusive workplace environment, saying, "I have an intense environment. Some of the most intense places in our business are in control rooms around this country, that's not for everyone, so it might be that the environment wasn't good for you. I'm not an angry black man, and this notion of a hostile environment just doesn't fit." Smiley hosted , a half-hour interview program that premiered in 2004 and aired weeknights on PBS stations until it was suspended on Dec. He confirmed to Faris that one woman with whom he engaged in a sexual relationship is still employed on his staff, but claimed that he never gave any of his workplace sexual partners preferential treatment, nor retaliated against them in any way.Responding to allegations that he sent lewd messages or commented inappropriately on women's' bodies, Smiley said he "has no idea" about the basis of the claims. In consensual relationships, we use text messages to communicate," he told Faris.As someone who wants a monogamous relationship, I decided to chat to someone who identifies as poly.

There has definitely been a shift in the way that straight people consider monogamy.

As apps such as Feeld, designed for non-monogamous people, flourish, so do the ever-increasing gender identities and relationship requests that can be listed on the likes of Ok Cupid.

(You can also read profiles of Lee Mingwei and his collaborator, Virgil Wong, on the web.) Perhaps some day these concepts might indeed become reality, but for now they exist only within the realm of fiction.

Monday, denying all wrongdoing and arguing the claims are untrue. Speaking to ABC News correspondent Paula Faris, Smiley admitted to engaging in workplace relationships, claiming they were consensual.

In the past six months alone, four men I’ve dated have used this as a way of masking their attempts to shirk commitment, and tried to pressure me into agreeing to an arrangement I had no interest in.

Speaking to other single women dating men, it would seem I’m definitely not alone.The possibility of a man’s becoming pregnant has been the subject of more than a few works of speculative fiction and comedy, and the topic was given some sober consideration in the media after the British weekly New Society ran an article discussing specifics of the procedure in 1986.It could be done, New Society reasoned, if an egg were fertilized in vitro and implanted in a man’s abdominal cavity.And we don't forbid them because I don't know where your heart is going to lead you.I don't know who you're going to hang out with, or date, or fall in love with.It’s beyond the tactics of submarining, ghosting and whatever the hell you name a person’s lack of commitment when it comes to being a decent human being, but it’s in the same ballpark.