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By spelunk68 Every once in a while you find one of those plugins where it is incredible the amount of work that someone has done creating a plugin, and it is available at such a minimal cost, then to top it off the author is very responsive with communications to any issues you may have and strives to help you find a solution.

This is one of those rare type of plugins and plugin authors..

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If you have the need I would try this plugin, you can get an idea of ho your app will look and perform without ever spending a penny, then once you are comfortable you can take it to the app stores for such a minimal cost.By vinodalbal I am very much impressed with this plugin, never had any issues or problems using the plugin.Stand Out From the Competition thanks to your mobile app. I suspect the original dev has sold a working process to an unsuspecting buyer of the business/company/whatever I paid for both Android and IOS apps to be uploaded and I was promised a 72 hour turn around.Having a mobile app for is still quite rare, this can give you a leap in advance against your competition. After a week of no response I uploaded the Android myself and contacted support for a timeline of when the IOS would be uploaded.* A mobile app that will work on i OS and Android (Windows Phone soon). If you don’t want to publish you app we will do it for you.

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Thanks to the amazing power of wordpress you can change many of your mobile apps features straight in the admin panel. Ad Revenue Earn money with your mobile app by activating ads. The crazy part is that they will respond to your emails like they are working on it, but after emailing them “how is my app doing” for months and not getting a response back I finally gave up.

Keep customers happy and connected by providing a more personalized and relevant engagement experience. Build your audience and earn money every time they use your mobile app. Simply search the add plugins feature for “Word App” on wordpress admin panel. I requested a refund and they have ignored that email too.

What made me to give 5 stars is that super support from developers. – Apple do not state a delay for validation but we normally see apps validated with 10 working days (but this is up to Apple).