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Aides were rushing up and down stairs, and ushering delegates in and out of conference rooms at the World Conference Center in Germany's former capital.

Everyone's favorite date was US Secretary of State and former Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson.

In July, the G20 heads of state and government are slated to meet in Hamburg, Germany.

Germany, Russia and the US all signaled their willingness to cooperate, but tensions among them remain.() With the foreign ministers' meeting in Bonn, the G20 process is gaining momentum.These issues should not be discussed by these governments." Greenpeace activists, traditionally seaworthy, set sail on the Rhine River and anchored just opposite the G20 venue.Their message, aimed directly at the US government's climate policy: "Not America first - Planet Earth First." The international gathering in Germany has kicked off with a slew of bilateral meetings between world leaders.Clara Brandi of the German Development Institute (DIE) told DW.

"In that context, it is especially crucial to strengthen the basis for trust among world leaders." She hoped that the G20 meeting would contribute to that, but was skeptical that Sigmar Gabriel, the newly appointed German foreign minister had succeeded in shifting the focus to other issues such as African development and climate change.I don’t get many non-fiction authors to agree to come on one of my blogs. (I know, bad pun.) Actually it’s not a novel, but more about that later. Add the German internet, and I was off and running.So I’m very happy to have the current president of Sleuths’ Ink, Nancy Dailey, agree to chat with us. I am a military brat which means that as a child my family traveled and moved A LOT. Eventually I traveled to Frankfurt and Nürnberg, Germany; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; and Paramaribo, Suriname––in South America––for the research which helped make the book what it is. I also enjoy geocaching, zip lining, anything creative––my most recent new project was to build a ship in a bottle. Maria Sybilla Merian (1647-1717) lived during a time when superstition, beginning studies of the natural world, and religion were all enmeshed together; caterpillars were thought to be the work of the devil, yet the weaving of silk thread––from silkworm cocoons––was a growing business.All eyes were on the Texas businessman turned politician.It seemed as if delegates from countries as different as South Africa and Saudi Arabia were all hoping that Tillerson would clarify what US foreign policy under President Trump will look like."The United States will consider working with Russia where we can find areas of practical cooperation that will benefit the American people," Tillerson told journalists after the meeting, which had addressed conflicts in Syria, Ukraine and Afghanistan - not exactly the kind of clarification many had hoped for after weeks of uncertainty over how close the White House and Kremlin will be working together.