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I asked each date a standard question: what do you do in your free time?

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This was my chance to take stock and locate my priorities. Because of time restrictions, the event ended an hour late and yet I only got through two-thirds of the women there. I'll never know, but I wish I had picked a better starting point to maximize the number of women I met that I found immediately attractive.It's not that I'm superficial, but if there's zero attraction, there's zero chance.I soon found the most important part of the event is the group mingling before the event.For about a half-hour, all the speed daters talked to each other in a lounge setting while enjoying cheese and wine samplings.And it turned out that two minutes was all that was needed. I came to the graduate speed dating event with no expectations, except to find no more than 20 other graduate students actually there. The group was as diverse as the Indiana University graduate programs are.

There was no shortage of international students, 30-somethings and 20-somethings, from all different programs and walks of life.

After going on a "date" with each man, you're given the option of writing his name down.

If you both write each other's names down, then it's a match and the event coordinators send contact information to the potential couple. You can get lucky and find dozens of potential dates in one night, or walk out with none.

Some speed dating events have an age range for participants.

This event had no such stipulation, which meant that I was sometimes talking to a man in his early 30s and other times I was talking to a first-year graduate student who was 23.

After the mingling I found myself actually excited to begin the process.