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“Today, we are announcing a new set of features, coming soon, around dating,” he said.

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Don’t get addicted to your computer The online forums are highly addictive and are great for superficial contact but the real business of building a relationship needs to be done in person.

annual conference on Wednesday that the biggest social media site on the planet would launch a dating feature later this year.

If you discover any content you are unhappy with you can contact the website concerned and see if you can have it removed.

REMEMBER: What is revealed on the internet about you could be the first impression a potential match will get so it is important to check regularly and be aware that online activity will stick around for years – you might have changed but your date will never get to know that if they are put off meeting you by what they see online.

Online dating is growing in popularity for people in their 50s and older, according to the Pew Research Center.

The number of 55 to 65-year-olds dating online has doubled from 6% in 2013 to 12% in 2017, it found.

Also see: What NOT to do on a dating website But who will actually use the feature?

Meredith Golden, a dating coach based in New York City, said she believes the new feature will be used largely by divorcees and users over 40 who may be less likely to use other online services.

Do some digital housekeeping Beyond what is revealed on a Google search it is a good idea to trawl through your social media pages and remove any photos, status updates or tweets you’d be uncomfortable with a match seeing.

Alternatively, make sure your security settings are water-tight if you want to be very private.

Like Tinder, this dating service will only show users’ first names.