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There are also clients who meet more than once a week or, on the other side of the spectrum, only once a month.

Then there are apps that allow people to text a therapist whenever they like and charge a cheaper weekly or monthly fee rather than per session.

I didn’t know about online therapy, which would’ve helped me because I didn’t have my own car and couldn’t rely on the limited public transportation in my hometown.

Even after I found the right therapist, I moved across the country and had to start the process again (another hassle online therapy would’ve circumvented).

Clients usually don’t receive a diagnosis until their first session, but there are ways of forming ideas beforehand.

Try researching your symptoms or the issues you are struggling with.

In fact, circumventing it is more cost-effective on average.

Most of the therapy networks with low price points do not use health insurance.

There are a few places where potential clients can learn more about a therapist and determine goodness of fit: Before officially starting sessions, consider chatting with your therapist over the phone or online.

It’s an effective way to feel certain he or she is the right fit.

Some therapy networks offer a matching agent who does all the search and compatibility work for you, meaning you can skip coffee and go to dinner.

This system also makes it easier to change therapists if things don’t work out.

Therapy tends to cost between and 0 per session, but it can be as cost-effective as per week.