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A detailed geographic analysis has revealed that there are more “Leftover Men” in rural areas than “Leftover Women” in urban areas.However, when it comes to cities alone (especially big cities), there are more unmarried women than single men.But now we have the right to choose whether to marry or not.

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In a taxi in the UAE, the driver–a warm-hearted Bangladeshi man–eagerly showed me several wedding pictures on his mobile phone. When I told him that I was 28 and single, he didn’t even bother to hide his surprise. He was right, I have become an official member of China’s “Leftover Women Club.” But I’m not going to take the taxi driver’s advice.

“You must be old for an unmarried woman in China, right? Maybe girls in China were destined to be housewives only in ancient times, which defined their success.

We study hard and work hard to win the right to live happily.

“Leftover Women” should be able to decide their own destiny instead of being controlled by the social critique of public opinion.

The film, once aired, got over 400,000 hits on social media, because it mirrors the experience of most “Leftover Women” with their parents.

In the film, parents pester their daughters relentlessly about marriage, fearing that they might become “leftover”.

According to Baidu Baike, “Leftover Women,” or “Sheng Nu” in Chinese, was one of 171 new Chinese terms included in , which was published by the Chinese Ministry of Education in 2007.

It refers to single women at or beyond the socially-recognized marriageable age of around 27.

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That means, in economic terms, that the gap between men and women in China is the narrowest in the world.