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She’s participated in the FBI Citizens Academy, and the Scottsdale City Government 101 Academy, Citizens Police Academy, and the Citizens Fire Academy.

She also served on the Scottsdale City Human Relations Commission before resigning to run for the State Senate.

Much ado has been made in recent weeks about blue waves (for Democrats) and pink waves (for women), but there’s another surge worth noting this election cycle: a rainbow wave of LGBTQ candidates running for office.

She was the first openly bisexual person to ever be elected to Congress, and sees her place in the House as “working to pass tough immigration laws, securing funding for our vets, working to provide business incentives for job creation and fighting back against attempts to gut basic health care for kids, cuts to services for the elderly and dramatic drops to school funding.” Though Sinema was very progressive at the start of her career, she’s built bridges in an increasingly conservative state by moving towards the middle — a dynamic that informs the way she talks about immigration, for example.Speaking at a dinner put on by the Human Rights Campaign, she recently shared, “The only way to find success, the only way to win these important fights, is if we’re willing to put aside our differences and engage each other in good faith. But I couldn’t be prouder to be in this fight with all of you.); and the second trans person to both be elected and serve in a state legislature.Says Lohman, “We must take Arizona FORWARD in providing opportunities for ALL to live healthy, happy, productive lives.I expect our elected officials to heed their calls to public service as servants and not as paid puppets.

I expect our laws to equally protect and support all of the people of this great state. I expect our legislature to prioritize solutions to real problems facing Alabamians like job and wage growth, education, criminal justice reform, healthcare and environmental protection instead of spending valuable time debating non-existent problems like bathroom choice, how quickly we can kill a death-row inmate and what measures need to be in place to forever enshrine confederate monuments.” Stewart recently celebrated her 16-year anniversary with her wife, Christy; together, they’re raising energetic twin daughters, Helen and Harper. Patricia Todd, Alabama’s first gay legislator, who will not be seeking re-election.Fryer was a founding board member and teacher in the Eller Social Innovation program at the University of Arizona, and previously was an assistant professor of leadership at Luther Seminary in St. She’s served as a pastor and has an incredible ability to bring people together with the power of her words.Fryer is an out lesbian who supports tuition free community college; automatic voter registration for everyone over 18 in the state, and ending the voucher system for private schools.The road starts with a budget that provides resources to keep our good public school teachers and improve our public school facilities.” Representative Sinema has had a truly remarkable personal journey.Overcoming homelessness as a child (she lived in an old gas station for three years with no electricity or running water), Sinema became a social worker as an adult, then quickly rose through the state Legislature.Most are progressive Democrats; but we also have Republican and Libertarian representation, too. Most importantly: make sure you’re registered to vote.