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Here are some funny Tinder pick-up lines you should definitely try. Dirty jokes can be great, but I’m not sure they’re something you want to attempt if you’re trying to get a response.If you need some suggestions, the video below has a few. They’re easy to tell, everyone knows what to expect, and they can also be a great ice-breaker. You might want to save it for a little later, and then try again once you’ve figured out their humor.

Loads of people tweeted me telling me to stop posting on social media and enjoy the final on Sunday.

I Just want to let you know that I was so drunk that I can’t actually remember any of it and the social media posts are all I have.

On top of that, actor Rob Brydon told The Sun: “If James and Ruth want to do it then I think we’d all do it.”He went on to say: “Just one Christmas special.

That would be nice.“In the past I’ve always said I don’t want to do anymore because I wanted to leave it on a high, but I must admit, mellowing in my old age.”Gavin & Stacey ran for three series and a Christmas special, wrapping up with its last-ever episode in January 2010.

Nessa is training him down the slots."Jones added to the Daily Star: “She’s training him in the art of the dodgy grabber machine and how to weight the two pences.”Corden is currently flying high in America and hosts The Late Late Show, but he has previously said that he would be happy to make a return.

The talkshow host and Tony-winning actor played the part of Smithy in Gavin & Stacey.Most people would send a generic message, like “How are you? ” — which is similar to what the next match might send and kinda boring.Instead, you could distance yourself from the crowd and send a hilarious Tinder pick-up line A good joke, if done properly, can get a reply from that person you’ve matched with.However, it would be broadcast on the BBC and see the cast reprising their now famous roles.Among the cast members likely to come back would probably be James Corden, Ruth Jones, Joanna Page and Matthew Horne.The comedy ended up winning two BAFTAs as well as getting accolades at the National Television Awards.