Ptr records not updating

DNS management can be performed through ARIN Online and ARIN’s RESTful interface by organizations who are direct and indirect resource holders.The resource holder who directly receives space from ARIN will be able to manage their delegations.

They can log in to their ARIN Online account and view this screen, but only for the addresses you’ve delegated to them via SWIP.As customers disconnect from you, it’s imperative that you protect your records by promptly removing any delegations to them, thus severing their shared authority rights for your reverse zones.DNS is known to most Internet users for translating hostnames into IP addresses (called forward resolution).An example of this is entering the browser and receiving an IP address for the server dedicated to that website.You can also use DNSSEC, thus adding security to your reverse records.

Once your reverse zone is secured, you need to indicate to the parent (in this case, ARIN) that your zone is DNSSEC enabled.

To modify delegations via ARIN Online: Note: If the nameservers for the selected delegations differ, they will not display on the listing page and you will receive a warning message. In the Security Info section, choose Manage API Keys from the Actions menu.

If you choose to add nameservers, those changes made will be applied to all of the selected zones and all previously listed nameservers will be deleted. ARIN offers a RESTful web service that you can use to modify your nameservers or DS records.

For example, in IPv4, you could have a /23 network registered with ARIN that is comprised of two /24 delegations.

In this case, you are able to delegate one set of nameservers to the first delegation and another set of nameservers to the second delegation. Occasional users can manage their delegations via ARIN Online, but users who manage a large number of delegations can programmatically modify their delegations using ARIN’s RESTful provisioning system.

It suggests in DDNS and infoblox documentation that PTR records should by dynamically updated.