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He’s 24 and gets stroppy and loud when he’s had too much booze.

My daughter is 26 and has asked me to have a word with him and ask him not to drink to excess.

Say he’s great but you want him to make the same effort for you as he does for his work – after all, you get even closer to him than his boss or clients. I know it isn’t everything in a relationship but sex is important to me.

I’ve been with my girlfriend for ten years but two years ago, she had an affair. We broke up for a month but I said I forgave her and we moved on.

LOSS of sex drive affects one in five men and half of women at some point in life.

They often don’t know how to remedy it but simple self-help techniques can make all the difference.

She’s worried her brother will spoil it by drinking too much.

The chances are that my youngest will get really drunk at the wedding.Okay, so I was wondering where I could have sex if I still live with parents. I'm guessing you're all still in College, so 17/18, so where do you do it?My problem is I worry too much about things, so when it comes to sex, I worry over where we can go, because I don't like being heard and I like sex to be good without interruption or worry if anyone walks in. For my e-leaflet on Reviving Sex Drive, email [email protected] daughter is getting married in June and wants to enjoy her big day.Follow me on Twitter @deardeidre or write to Deidre Sanders, The Sun, London SE1 9GF (please enclose SAE) I FOUND a new man on a dating website. It felt good at the time but later on, I felt rubbish about the whole thing and hated myself.