Peace corps dating locals

Woman A: I couldn't choose — it is such a different experience.

I love the openness, freedom, and creativity that is so common in the Bay Area, but I also think that sometimes people have expectations of finding someone who is perfect for them in every way, and this expectation leads them to disregard amazing people or settle for something casual with them rather than investing in a strong relationship. I think the biggest challenge is that when you’re living somewhere with a lack of a dating scene it can be easy to lower your standards, which you don’t want to do.

They've had mixed experiences — in the city where I live, many of the men on dating apps seem to be cheating on their wives and [app use is] somewhat looked down on, but some have used apps successfully to meet people and start friendships in a new city and country.

I've heard that it's easier and more fun in other cities. Where I was, Internet was barely reliable enough to check email. S., I had Tinder, Bumble, and the League, but I don't use any in Nicaragua. There are plenty of people on it, but it doesn’t exactly scream quality dating culture.

Woman B: I wasn't in a formal relationship with anyone but I casually dated a couple of expats while I was there — an American, a European.

In government and nonprofits, people are always on short contracts and about to move somewhere else, so it's hard to get too close to people.

Woman C: I have been dating an expat who is really cool and here for at least a year.

He’s new to Nicaragua though, so he still has some of that “freshman” attitude that I’ve just described, but other than that, he’s very pleasant and smart and engaged.

Culture will really play out in sex, just as it does in language, dance, politics, education, and so on.

Another thing that is important to keep in mind is that, as foreigners, we really need to be respectful of the people we are dating, and how their culture influences their values and perceptions.

I don’t feel emotionally invested in him at all though and I can’t totally figure out why. I'm having sex once a month or so with the same person.

I am definitely [trying] to date other people, expats or locals! Woman A: I haven't, but some friends — mostly foreigners — do.

Woman C: When I left, I was dating someone I was having sex with five times a week but wasn't in love with.