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The celebrated, of course, are apt to fall into a world of drugs, drink, broken marriages and bankruptcy but even this is given the glamour treatment instead of the squalid misery that it is in reality. The majority of Number One’s are achieved early on in the artist’s public career and before they have been able to establish reputations and build a solid fan base.

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They continue to view the act’s cheaply recorded, debut blockbuster as striking gold and will spend the next few years pumping fortunes into studio time, video budgets and tour support whilst praying for a repeat of the miracle and the volume album sales that bring in the real money.

Now, we all know that pop music is not going to save the world but it does, undeniably, create a filing system for the memory banks.

If parts get too boring just fast forward – all the way to the end if need be.

This only festers and grows proportionately as the band gets bigger and no band ever grows out of it.

All bands end in tantrums, tears and bitter acrimony. That said, it can be very helpful to have a partner, someone who you can bounce ideas off and vice versa. that you will convince the largest cross section of the British public to go out and buy your record.

The fact that a record is Number One automatically means the track is in a very short period of time going to become over exposed and as worthless as last month’s catchphrase.