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It's small and not very painful in comparison to other things you can break..

Those of you who know us know all about our shenanigans…BASE jumping, NASCAR racing, motorbike stunts, crashing cars, jumping school buses, flipping Barbie cars…and those of you that don't…get ready to!We (Travis and Jolene) have a TV show, Nitro Circus, on MTV 2 (just got renewed, BOOM!No harley, he was doing some stunt on a dirt bike (I think it involved a flip or two). Jolene's brother and father both ride (they are very good). Hind sight is 20/20 and it always sucks to get hurt but you can't regret going for something you believe in. We put a lot of money into it and could never get half of that back out of it with all the ramps and trails but it is my heaven on earth and I never plan to sell it! You made my son have the greatest night of his life so far. Plus there are inevitable injuries in what we do so a lot of the story lines are years in the making.He styled it out a bit, and that was time he didn't have. Thanks for coming on this chat and hope to meet you someday as well. Thank you for giving him a memory he'll never forget. )Here you go Whoops are a series of small hills, one after another. EDIT: I don't think this is Washougal exactly, but this is Travis wheelieing through whoops. I just pass by on the way from my place to one of my friends'. The movie comes out today but the next project will be filmed at the european Nitro circus live show's from november - december this year..) — and now we're psyched to have our first MOVIE OUT TODAY, (WATCH THE TRAILER! And now is the time for you to ask us (almost) anything.

We're gonna be hanging out for at least an hour, more if we can! We unfortunately have to go for now…if we can arrange time to come back and answer a few more, we will!

I admired you from such early films are Terrafirma, of which I'm sure you remember your triple interview with your friends Ricky and James.

To get to the point I just wanted to tell you how much affect it had on me to meet you at that time.

PROOF: Pastrana/status/231435370007511040UPDATE: Wow! Otherwise, THANK YOU to all of you for supporting us over the years, it means a lot to us – Nitro Circus!!!! I'm hoping that this wont get buried but here it goes.

We met at a Tampa Supercross in 99' when we were both 14 years old.

They were effective, since we rarely stayed in any one place for too long, but here's why I bring it up.