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I was young and they didn't take me seriously even though I was my mum's carer.

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At the age of 11, she was thrust into the role of primary carer for her mother Anne, now 50, who suffers from schizoaffective disorder.

The condition, which affects one in people, is a combination of a serious mood disorder - in Anne's case bipolar - and schizophrenia.

I was 11 and my mum expected me to be her emotional support but I didn't really understand what that was. She'd be lethargic one minute and then cleaning around the house unable to stop the next.

I'd phone the hospital, explain her symptoms and they wouldn't want to know.Music and my dream of becoming a success was all that kept me going through those very dark times,' she admits.The singer was five when Anne, also a musician and singer, was taken away to hospital.My dad knew what I'd been going through but I'd always chosen to live with my mum. I know my dad felt terrible for what I'd been through but he got really emotional and admitted that he just couldn't stand the constant ups and downs of her mood swings and the paranoia any more, which is why he left.I totally understood how it had driven him to the brink and I know that he's sorry he left me to deal with it for all those years.Tulisa Contostavlos, 22, is speaking out about mental health in a new documentary about her mother When N- Dubz singer Tulisa Contostavlos is on stage, her confidence is obvious.