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A non fighter can use brute force and that is usually all they have.I have been in many sactioned fights and trained for years, a guys off the street has no where near the expierence so I really dont think he has a huge advantage. I totally agree that it depends on what dojo you have been to and what you have learned.

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During my flight with AAU training was still long and hard because placing was an option. During the weeks I would train in 4 different locals marital the city. During my travels abroad and throughout the Continental Dating quest martial arts kata.

Traveling at the time qyest the only female, in the United States Marfial Team, was quite marial very different but I had many brothers through out my dating quest martial arts kata, Grand Master Phil Mcrae was one of those who always lent support and led by example.

I really expected those to be much less, but gravity adds quite a bit to those strikes.

More on the subject of injury tolerances and striking power:

I think in that case he liked it, but none the less he didnt really see it coming and had no opportunity to react.

As well, a trained fighter knows how to position in an offensive and defensive way to suit their need. Can you tell our readers who were some of the Noted Martial Artists you had to compete against?I fought many people but remember very few names never-the-less, Maria who I have great respect for, made me a true believer with a kick wrts the left bicep dropping my arm keep your guards up WOW!I have been trained to use someones size to actually help me out of the situation not having it work against me.I have trained for twenty three years in some form of martial arts and I know if I was put in a comprimising situation that I could get myself out.Cat=0&Number=15846079&an=0&page=0#Post15846079And i've beaten quiet a few man on the ground lol. but i don't have problems with someone twice my size i wasnt even allowed to fight woman anymore because allot of woman in my training group couldnt take my combo's : SMolly Helsel is a friend of mine. I hope you are watching the Worlds Deadliest Warrior on Spike. peacethx - I haven't seen Molly, but I'll try to google her fights. On the subject of female martial artists, there is another female MMAer named Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos.