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In November 2017, we published our Preferred Alternative maps for MHA implementation.

You can view them with our interactive web map and in an appendix to the Final EIS.

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(top) What is the Preferred Alternative and why was it selected?

The City is moving forward with zoning changes to implement MHA so that new growth will help build more affordable housing.

By putting in place new affordability requirements at the same time as rezones to allow more housing capacity, MHA uses a state-sponsored approach that has been used in other Washington cities.

In high-demand cities like Seattle, creating new housing choices -- especially those affordable to low- and moderate-income households -- is an essential citywide housing affordability strategy.

The Council expects to vote to implement MHA in fall 2018.

Email the City Council to comment on the proposed legislation.

The City of Seattle has been working since 2014 to implement new programs and tools to meet our city's growing housing affordability challenge.

A cornerstone of this effort is Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA)-a policy that requires new growth to contribute to affordable housing.

Our Final EIS includes a Preferred Alternative for implementing MHA in multifamily and commercial zones, urban villages, and urban village expansions studied during the Seattle 2035 Comprehensive Plan process.

To review the proposed legislation, Council formed a select committee so that all Councilmembers can review the MHA legislation in committee.

The PDFs linked below have each urban village's map and an introduction to MHA.