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We had a great conversation that lasted over an hour.

And I knew he didn’t want yet another friend, so I gave him the soft goodbye and turned away.

Still, I know that I could have easily turned away from Judaism, or to a lesser observance of the faith.

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I had to be the one to say ‘no,’ to choose Judaism over church when I was too young to even tie my shoes.I wouldn’t change my family at all; my loving parents are two of God’s greatest gifts to me.URJ Reform Jewish Outreach Boston, in collaboration with Reform congregations and clergy, offers engaging classes, workshops and resources for interfaith couples and individuals exploring Judaism.Programs include: The Jewish Discovery Institute is Boston’s resource for interfaith couples, families and individuals who want to learn about Conservative Judaism, and need support for lifecycle events.My mother carried an unparalleled spiritual strength, even when it came to making the challenging choices of refusing Easter with the in-laws in observance of Passover or lighting the Shabbat candles in the room with the Christmas tree.

In that warm embrace of Judaism, there was no other option in my heart; Judaism was clearly a part of me.

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Plenty of interracial marriage when both people are Jewish.

It took me by surprise when, at brunch, that wasn’t enough – not even to sustain the conversation.

When I opened a dating app for the first time, it, too, asked me the question of religion as part of the search criteria.

So, I see you’re involved in a lot of Jewish organizations. ” Shocked by the honesty of the question, perhaps a bit flattered that he took the time to Facebook stalk me – a high compliment in 21 century dating – I asked myself the very same question: Am I only interested in dating a Jew?