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The nightmare began eight years ago, in the early hours of Dec.

26, 1996, with a 911 call from Jon Benet's mother, Patsy Ramsey.

But the latest development in the case would never have happened without journalism professor Michael Tracey.

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What these private detectives have also discovered is that in the months before Jon Benet's murder, there were more than 100 burglaries in her neighborhood."All the crime that was actually going on, I don't think that the Ramseys had any clue that this was going on," says Gray.From the outset, police never seriously considered the evidence that someone outside the Ramsey family may have killed Jon Benet."I don't think the Ramseys did it and I think they ought to start looking for the people that did," says retired homicide Det.Lou Smit, who once quit because police ignored the intruder theory.On the surface, Boulder, Colo., is the ideal American town.

It's beautiful, peaceful, and seemingly cut off from the types of crime that infect larger cities.Tracey is not only a professor, he's a crusader, who has spent the last eight years trying to solve Boulder's most notorious crime. I would have believed the pope murdered Jon Benet before I'd have believed Patsy did it," he says.It's a killing so infamous that the victim is known simply by her first name: Jon Benet. It's hard to believe that nearly ten years have passed since six-year-old Jon Benet was murdered just after Christmas. If the Ramseys had been convicted by the press, he thought the media could also prove them innocent."The evidence that points to the Ramseys I think, you know, is the fact that they were in the house at the time of the murder," he says. "Tracey's cameras also captured a side of the Ramseys the public never saw, private moments, like when Patsy played the last song Jon Benet learned before she was killed.And that fueled speculation that one of them wrote the bizarre three-page note found at the scene. Last summer, as John Mark Karr was paraded in front of the press, it seemed the decade-old mystery finally had an ending. "I loved Jon Benet and she died accidentally."But there's more to the story than anyone expected: Jon Benet's father, John Ramsey, helped investigators catch the man he believed killed his daughter."I said, 'If you want me to go somewhere and meet him, I'll do it,' you know.