Is nick carter still dating lauren kitt

If you're smart you'll quit playing hard to get, be nice to him and carry on from there. If he thinks you don't like him, then of course he will flirt elsewhere to save his ego. So reciprocate and snag him before someone else does..If you choose not too, he'll grow weary of trying to get your attention and another girl will snatch him up..

We've been in denial up until now, but it looks like the final Backstreet Boy really IS off the market!!!Actually, Nick Carter is SO in LOVE with his bride-to-be Lauren Kitt that he couldn't even part ways with her for his bachelor party!Unfortunately, Carter's younger brother Aaron Carter couldn't make it to the nuptials because of a prior commitment and plane troubles. News at the time, "Aaron had a contract to appear at the Cherry Blossom Festival in D. There was a team of six people who worked to put together a plan to get him to Santa Barbara by the reception so he could at least participate in the celebration. He felt awful and had every intention of being there."Last week, Carter took a momentary breaking from enjoying his honeymoon to call out 'N Sync star Joey Fatone after Fatone dissed the Backstreet Boys."Just disappointed, I really liked joey..." Carter wrote last Friday.The twosome had a joint bachelor/bachelorette party in Las Vegas over the weekend at Palms Casino Resort!

The soon-to-be married pair began the raging weekend on Friday at Moon Nightclub with the Ciroc flowing and their love on FULL display with smooches and dancing. Nick and his crew went to a wild daytime bash at Ghostbar fully-equipped with a piƱata to show off his stick-swinging skillz.

You could feel the love bursting out of them," an insider previously told the entertainment news outlet of the happy couple.

Were you ever hesitant to do a reality show because of how it might affect your relationship?

In pics from their romantic getaway, the lovebirds, who bought a boat upon their arrival, have been celebrating their marriage with some adventures on the high sea.

Carter has been enjoying their vacation by fishing and even caught a large fish during one trip.

There is nothing wrong with playing a little hard to get, but you need to know just how far you can go with it, and apparently he's getting mixed signals from you.