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But even last year Jake Burton publicly stated he'd never allow simple scuff guards to be sewn onto Burton pants—because skiers need scuff guards.

A similar experience befell big mountain snowboarding pioneer Jeremy Jones.

Sitting on our dumpster couch one night eating the last of our food cache, Sternoman, who was late on his rent, pronounced that he was switching over to snowboarding.

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i work full-time and have a great job working in a production facility.I'm down for anything and anyone that is fun and entertaining, I'm a constant work in progress and i wouldn't have it a Milford Ohio Ninex 33 Man Seeking Women Hello I'm not sure what to say..His last name was Stern and we called him "Sternoman," as if he was an undiscovered hominid.He was a horrid skier from (my apologies for picking on you) Southern California. On the hill we would hide behind trees so as not to be bludgeoned by his plummeting goonery.And then the major brands stopped making carving boards.

The image didn't fly with the baggy jeans/tight jeans set.

Thou shalt emulate the flying tomato and only the flying tomato.

Check it out: White cut his hair and wears a suit now, while snowboarding. The same tunnel vision nearly ruined skateboarding. An example: In the magazine I used to edit about skiing, we frequently included Burton apparel because in the real world it's much adored by people like, say, the National Brotherhood of Skiers—grown up black people with gobs of cash who both ski and snowboard.

Jones had some great ideas for product and a new line of split boards, which bisect for ski touring uphill and click together into a snowboard for the descent.

He went so far as to pitch the big snowboard companies on the idea. So Jones started his own company, Jones Snowboards, which lines up well with his successful trilogy of films that celebrate human powered snowboarding.

From twin tips and fat skis to better clothing and a more laissez-faire attitude at ski resorts, the advent of snowboarding dramatically altered my once-stale sport. The sport was invented by humble folk in the Midwest (by a friend's father) and Vermont (by some older classmates of my wife), but it was adopted by Southern California. Each February I experience the unrestrained joy of attending the ski and snowboard trade show in Denver.