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Young boys as early as the age of 3 begin to internalize the concept that masculinity must be reached in order to become a man as they start to hide their feelings.

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Teaching boys to be more controlling and violent is evident in the statistic that men are more likely to kill as they commit 90.5% of all murders.

These statistics were taken from Kali Holloway’s piece In the world of toxic masculinity, sex— both heterosexual and homosexual — is used to determine the worth of the man just as it is used as a measurement of a good night.

It is a structure that allows violent and aggressive thoughts that lead to violent and aggressive actions.

You may be reading this and think that you are not affected by toxic masculinity or may think that you don’t contribute to it, but honestly, we all do because it’s a game that we are all forced to play–whether you know it or not.

Trial for 27-year-old Brittany Zamora is set for Aug. At this point, there is no plea deal on the table, and not just because the prosecution is not offering one.“Defense counsel is not looking for a plea offer at this time,” Zamora’s lawyer told the judge during Friday’s hearing.

Booked on suspicion of molestation of a child, furnishing harmful material and sexual conduct with a minor, Zamora has been in jail since she was arrested on March 22 despite voicing her desire to go home to her husband at her initial court appearance.[ORIGINAL STORY: Goodyear police arrest teacher for alleged sexual misconduct with a student][RAW VIDEO: Goodyear teacher accused of sex with student says, 'I'd love to go home to my husband']A secured appearance bond for those felony charges was set at 0,000.

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The Goodyear teacher accused of having sex with a 13-year-old student appeared in court Friday for a pretrial proceeding.

These are problems that deserve attention and change, they deserve a damn to be given about and a fuck to shed.

It’s about creating an environment that accepts all.

The victim's father declined and ended the phone call.[READ MORE: Goodyear teacher accused of having sex with teen student pleads not guilty]"You teach your kids there's no such thing as monsters at all,” the father of the victim later said. The judge affirmed the motion and ordered the Office of Public Defense Services to provide Zamora’s lawyer assistance in mounting her defense.[RAW VIDEO: Zamora's pretrial hearing on Friday, May 18]Zamora is due back in court twice more before her scheduled trial – once in early June and again in late July.