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On October 6, 2007, Apple released a firmware update (1.0.2) via i Tunes that was said to improve Cover Flow and yield faster menu navigation.

The update was also released for the i Pod Classic.

The Nano was announced in a 4 GB version coming in silver and an 8 GB version coming in silver, turquoise, mint green, black, and Product Red. The Nano also sported a new Minimalistic hold switch, similar to the i Pod Shuffle's power switch, which had been moved to the bottom of the player.

However, unlike the second-generation Mini, the button labels were grey instead of matching the Nano's casing (except for the black Nano, which had a black click wheel).

The second-generation Nano featured a 40% brighter, "more vibrant" display, a battery life upgrade (from 14 to 24 hours), and storage sizes doubled to 2, 4, and 8 GB models.

For each red i Pod Nano sold in the United States, Apple donates US to the Product Red initiative, while retaining the regular price. New features included browsing via Cover Flow, a new user interface, video playback, and support for new i Pod Games. On January 22, 2008, Apple released a pink version of the 8 GB i Pod Nano.

Users had to repurchase games bought a month before the debut of the new i Pod as they were not supported. Combining elements from previous generations of the i Pod Nano, the third-generation Nano had an aluminum front plate and a stainless steel back plate.

Advertising emphasized the i Pod Nano's small size: 40 millimetres (1.6 in) wide, 90 millimetres (3.5 in) long, 6.9 millimetres (0.27 in) thick and weighing 42 grams (1.5 oz).

The stated battery life was up to 14 hours, while the screen was 176×132 pixels, 38 millimetres (1.5 in) diagonal, displaying 65,536 colors (16-bit color). On November 11, 2011, Apple announced a recall on this model of i Pod nano.

Note that not every iteration was considered a new generation.

The fourth generation i Pod, for example, initially had a black and white screen, then was re-released with a color screen. We've also noted some of the major changes for each model in the chart to further help you with identification.

The second generation also introduced gapless playback of audio files, along with a new search option. The 4 GB was initially available in green, blue, silver, or pink, and the 8 GB model was initially only available in black - red was later added for 4 and 8 GB models.

Apple claimed that the second generation i Pod Nano's packaging was "32% lighter with 52% less volume than the first generation", On October 13, 2006, Apple announced a special edition i Pod Nano; Product Red, with a red exterior and 4 GB of storage. The third-generation Nano featured a 2-inch (51 mm) QVGA (320 x 240) screen and a shorter, wider, heavier design, with new colors.

I've hosted a weekly classical music program on WTJU since 1984, and I review recordings for their website. More from Ralph Graves Apple first introduced the i Pod back in 2001, and since then this single versatile device has grown into an entire family of digital music and video players.