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Themes of Violence, adolescent pride and interracial relationships were greatly represented in the film.Also it touches on early parenthood, pressures of a low income environment, racial status, racial stereotypes and prejudice as well as loyalty to friends.

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Sarah also acquired motives through her classical conditioning (leaned motives) where she avoided ballet or placed a mental block between her and dancing ballet.

Throughout the movie a lot of thinking mainly decision making is done by the characters.

These are the Prayer of Azarias and the Song of the Three Children, usually inserted in chapter 3 with the story of the fiery furnace; the story of Susanna, a faithful Jewish woman accused of adultery, which forms a thirteenth chapter; and the history of the destruction of the Babylonian idol Bel and the dragon that the Babylonians also worshipped, which ends the book as chapter 14.

If this is the case, then the book would have been written in the sixth century b.c.

However because she blames herself for it and it occurred on the day of her audition she associated her mother’s death with ballet. In the movie Derek takes her to this ballet show and she almost ran off because she was so emotional when she realized where he was about to take her.

Sarah also had classical conditioned attitudes as a result of her classical conditioning.

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The brain enables us to process a lot of information quickly and accurately.

Many interracial couples are faced with negative reactions from society, making it hard for them to have a regular relationship.

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