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Among the earliest acts, therefore, of the Congress was the selection of a commander-in-chief of the colonial forces.

The battles of Concord and Lex- ington had been fought.

Presidents of the United States, Embracing Biographical Sketches and a Full Page Portrait of Each. He again retired to Mount Vernon, where, after a short and severe illness, he died December 14, 1799, in the sixtv-eighth year of his age.

The exports from the Union increased from ,000,000 to over ยง56,000,- 000 per annum, while the imports increased in about the same proportion. Tiie progress of the States in their new career under their new organization thus far was exceedingly encouraging, not only to the friends of libcrtv within their own limits, but to their svmpathizing allies in all climes and countries.

He accepted it on June 19, but on the express condition he should receive no salary.

This office was unani- mously conferred upon Washington, still a member of the Congress. At the third election, 1796, he was again most urgently entreated to consent to remain in the executive chair. In September, before the election, he gave to his countrymen his memorable Farewell Address, which in lan- guage, sentiment and patriotism was a fit and crowning glory of his illustrious life. In 1792, at the second Presidential elec- tion, Washington was desirous to retire ; but he 3ielded to the general wish of the country, and was again chosen President by the unanimous vote of every electoral college. Those who sided with the ministry were stigmatized by the patriots as-" Tories," while the patriots took to them- selves the name of " Whigs." As early as 1776 the leading men had come to the conclusion that there was no hope except in separation and indepen- dence. During the fall and winter the British policy clearly indicated a purpose to divide pub- lic sentiment and to build up a British party in the colonies. The merits of Washington as a military chief- tain have been considerably discussed, espe- cially by writers in his own country.