Dating services for bisexuals or lesbians

I never wondered what it would be like, I just knew that I like women as well.

In the long term, it will be the youngest members of our society who will be most affected by the outcomes of this voting process.

Children will continue to receive messages from other sources.

I had a really hard time trying to understand myself when I was younger that I could have relationships with both men and women.

I’m attracted to women just as much as I’m attracted to men, and I still get the “oh, you’re just bicurious” line.

But we still exist and looking for our fun and partners. Let’s go and enjoy it, life is short, we need new friends and support, not only bisexual communities or bars, we need to go out, looking for our bisexual passion and love.

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They have the same cultural background, language, dietary habits…Many people don’t want to leave their hometown, so they choose to get married with the local.