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Barclay - 1945 - 1957, US company who signed their jewelry "Barclay" ** not to be confused with Mc Clelland Barclay pieces as they are separate companies. Little known about them but thought Bowman Foster Inc produced this line. The company was closed during World War Two, one of the sons never returned as reported missing. In the 2000s, this company changed direction completely and stopped producing jewelry and now make high end home ware and accessories such as mirrors, trinket boxes, picture frames and much more.

Barclay Mc Clelland - 1935 - 1943, famous graphic designer who was unfortunately killed in World War Two. Produced high class sterling silver jewelry based in the US. Many of their lines had the earrings signed only and the brooches unsigned. Exported world wide including Woolworths in the UK. Signature include engraved ┬ęBerberi with the accents over the e's.

Also produced a range for the film "My Fair Lady" which are now very sought after. The My Fair Lady pieces are signed as such as well as the designer.

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Produced jewelry that resembles the Duchess of Windsor's jewelry.

Available in up market departments stores in many countries and now available online. Castlecliff - 1918 - 1977, First signed their jewelry in 1941.

We have included vintage fashion jewelry marks history, designer trademarks and patents as far as possible. Stamped on the reverse "Austria" or if you are lucky to find the original hang tag still attached. The first ones were - bow shaped brooch/pendant, cameo pin, solid perfume locket, owl, leaf.

This list of costume jewelry signatures will be added to regularly. Above average in quality and produced in vast quantities in the 20th century for import to other countries. A door to door bookseller hit on the idea to also sell fragrances - and the company was in business. As well as rings, tie tack (Bue Blaze), pillbox and wishing charm necklace.

Accessocraft - 1930 - 1998, US company with designer Theodore Steinman. Many other pieces followed and they still produce jewelry today.

Signature usually Accessocraft in script or capital lettering. French company who opened their first boutique in Paris in 1976 and then went on to having over 200 boutiques in 23 countries. Their Scottie Dog design became so popular that they now have it on their logo. They were in production from the late 1920s up to the late 1990s (1997). Famous designers for Avon have been: Kenneth J Lane, Elizabeth Taylor, Coreen Simpson, Jose Barrera, Celia Feraud, Shaill Jhaveri with many collections including the collectible Egyptian Revival. The initials some times seen are not the designer but an internal code used for the company who manufactured the piece. A & Z Chain Company - 1905 - its amalgamation in about the mid 1970s into the Allison Reed company.

The company produced his pieces, because of the beauty and his tragic early death. Ben Reig - 1950s - 1970s, early designer was Omar Kiam. Bengal Jacob - 1873 - present, Idar Oberstein, Germany. Their early jewelry is unmarked and they used cards and paper stickers. BJ - Unknown manufacturer - would suggest imported from China during the eighties and nineties.

Seemed to have produced a wide range of jewelry from the whimsical, animal, cameo and floral. Billy Boy - Born in 1960 in Vienna and founded Surreal Couture and then Surreal Bijoux on the Rue De La Paix, Paris.

Cardin Pierre 1950s - Italian born designer who lives and works in France.

Renowned for his space age and Avant Garde designs. Founding his own empire in 1950s, he went on to design not only fake jewelry but couture clothing, accessories, perfume, bags, cars and he purchased Maxim's restaurant chain.

Billy Boy created surreal jewelry for Thierry Mugler and Charles Jourdan.