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Also thought you’d appreciate knowing of the compliments that have come about the guitar from vintage dealers who’ve seen her. Anything I can do for you at all, at any time just call my friend. With real PAFS, this lightweight custom shop LP is now complete. I am going to take pictures of it next week to send some of my friends. If it’s possible they are both better than than the Gold top you had done years ago for me. I love the photos, I’m really blown away by the work.

One in particular said, “even Historic Makeovers couldn’t do work like that! You can use whatever you want for your referral including calling me personally. With GM Vintage aging on the factory finish and aged Montreux parts, it’s completely RAD and sounds and looks like half a million bucks! You really have a back for fabricating a vintage vibe for newer guitars and I have no idea how you do it. You have breathed new life into them and I can not thank you enough. They have come out of their cases and back into the fold 🙂 A Job Well Done. I have seen other guitars out there that have been aged and they do not hold a candle to your work. You are a Master at what you do for a very reasonable price as well. All the best, Michael Lockwood“Hello Gord, I am so amazed. I would like to say that your work is outstanding, I am truly honored to have you performed your artistic magic on my instrument! I’m 50 yrs old & have seen many refin projects, some by famous people, some by relatively unknown people.

I have already shown the guitar to several people in the business and all of them are just in awe of the work. It makes me happy to have an instrument that not only myself likes, but others hold in high esteem. Gord’s eye for, and ability to accurately replicate vintage colours is ridiculous – nobody gets a 2 and a half tone Fender sunburst this good! Many seek to attain your level of excellence in their craft, few achieve it. I could not be happier with the way this project turned out.

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” These days, the vintage parts are gone, replaced by modern repro parts, but “Goldie” is every bit as cool, and I’m still really happy with the job you did for me. I feel like I own the real deal, like an original painting. ”“After seeing some examples of Gord’s fabulous work, I sent my ’62 Precision and ’60 Jazz Bass off with pretty high expectations. They were both great candidates as they were really good newer guitars. The other thing people should know is there is no hassle or problem to send them to Canada. I personally own 3 guitars that have been refin’ed.Thanks, Steve Craw “Absolutely Gord, I can say without a doubt that the work was done with true genius. A lot of discussion about what it’s worth now, verses what it would be worth with a normal refin. Those expectations were not just met but exceeded, by a large margin. Made at a time when the Modern Gibson was on fire in my opinion. I would have no problem swearing that your work was original to the guitar if I didn’t know better! I believe you are simply the very best in the world.The level of detail on the aging of it, is of the highest quality and I finally feel like I want to pick up and play this guitar a lot. Looking forward to trying some more ideas with you. I will put it through its paces in the next day or two. ”“Gord did the conversion of my ’56 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Standard to all cherry red finish, routed for humbuckers.It looks SO MUCH better and has a great vibe to it. He was a pleasure to work with including tolerating my many emails regarding color shade, etc.“I had a 1961 SG Custom Shop reissue that I wanted painted in Epiphone’s old finish called “Silver Fox”, just like the soon to be released ‘Brian Ray ’63 SG’ (by Gibson) I’ve been playing with Paul Mc Cartney lately.

Gord Miller copied my new SG’s black see-through finish perfectly, replaced my Lyre Vibrato arm with a Montreux Parts nickel stop tailpiece.

In 2012 I had the pickup routes filled, re-routed and installed PAFs, as the P-90 hum was driving me crazy.

I had acquired all vintage parts for her, except pickup rings, and would take her to guitar shows, where even the most astute vintage dealers would check her out and be fooled by the quality of your work.

I asked around about who was the best and Gordon’s name came up more than once.

He was a pleasure to talk to and come up with ideas of what would be cool. When I got these things back I was blown away by the transformation.

Like a true vintage guitar nut he understands the obsession with myriad details of a project but, hey, that is all part of the fun!