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I've also written and presented two online-courses about, yes! Essentially, this boils down to harbouring feelings for someone else which, Barnett explained, is something that really is beyond your partner's control.

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You can check out their profile at any time and see the time and place of your last encounter. Like them secretly with the Heart button: they won't find out... And if you wish to be noticed, charm them to send them a notification.Did you know that there’s a more powerful approach than swiping on dating sites?Imagine being able to approach anyone you were attracted to, have engaging conversations, exciting weekends full of dates, and the choice to date who you want.I’m International Dating Expert Hayley Quinn and I am here to show you the power of dating skills training: there are simple, ethical steps you can follow to become more attractive and get more dates.She also helps behind the scenes, in the contestant selection process, by giving psychological advice and assessment to reality TV producers and contestants both during the selection procedure and the series.

Recent reality TV work includes Celebrity Big Brother, Katie Price’s modelling series Signed by Katie, the ITV Tonight documentary Looking for Love, TLC’s dating series Undressed and Wall to Wall’s new series for the BBC, Factory Girls, to be broadcast in 2018.

I've also worked with TV shows including , giving advice on every part of dating from finding a partner, through to making love (and making love last). I'm proud to say I've appeared on many radio shows, including the lofty heights of Woman's Hour.

I've had five books published internationally that cover most aspects of sex and relationships.

I used the Fail proof Approach program and I approached women until I got sick of it!

Jo Hemmings is a Behavioural Psychologist and a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS).

, as well as comments, features and observations for most of the national press, including The Guardian, The Sunday Mirror, The Daily Mail, The Times, The Telegraph and The Daily Star.