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You should note that the service is only available in the United States.

In this modern age of technology we are all connected to the web in some way.Whether it’s your computer at work, a smart phone in your pocket, or a computer or tablet at home.It is heavily marketed online and through television advertising, so the community is very large.They have millions of active users, and there’s probably someone waiting for you!Chat rooms are small areas of the internet that are still commonly frequented.

They can be a subset of a larger website, or it can be a standalone chat service.Enter Chat Room is a free online chat that allows you to talk to strangers online.Surely a great way to meet an interesting online friend!Registration is free, and there are paid versions available to unlock more features.Elite is primarly a dating chat service, but that may be exactly what you are looking for.Sometimes we just get bored and need a friend to talk to. Chat sites may be able to fill the void if a friend is not available.