Dating a broke guy Devilsdating

That’s why the pro-marriage people have it all wrong when they say marriage will get low-income women out of poverty.

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She wants the best for you because she sees you in her future.A girl can date a broke guy but no girl will intentionally marry a broke man.Must a girl chose the wrong boyfriend, simply because the one he love doesn't have money. Both of you will work things out and build something different, if you truly love he\her. Some guy maybe broke in your eye, because of your demand of expensive gifts from him.Most times you will read about actress or this yeye celeb saying not ready to marry a broken husband or dating broken guys.Girls love each other and they want the best for each other.(3) He will always disgrace you: Yes! A little amount of money will cause fight between you two.

Imagine: asking your broke boyfriend to at least present himself in a wealthy way to impress your female friends, by buying provision or something for them, will make him tear you apart.(4) He demands too much respect: This is funny, even rich guys that can afford to buy expensive things for their woman don’t demand as much respect as he does.

I guess some guys don’t understand me, I am only asking the guys to be rich for their own good, not because of a leech girlfriend/fiancee.

Nigerian men are quick to insult any girl that comes here to talk about money in a relationship.

I love my baby very much but as little as N100 can cause a misunderstanding between us.

God knows the kind of joy that will fill my heart the day he will be financially okay.“It takes a real woman to date a broke guy and help him fulfill his dream.”All this is written from the sadness of my heart.

I still don’t equate it to whether I am happy or not (and never will), although I acknowledge money certainly makes things easier.