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You will have no choice in the matter and whatever outfit you have to hand, they will make you wear it and then parade around in front of them.

Having your name changed is bad enough but the humiliation of having to answer to a name that ridicules you is deep and long-lasting.Each Domina will take great pleasure in using the new name you are given a LOT!Similar to SPH, CBT is a way for a Domme to hit a male slave right where it hurts.The tender flesh between a man’s legs is guarded like Fort Knox due to the delicate nature they have so for them to suffer great abuse give Mistresses huge satisfaction The ways to administer cock and ball torture are endless and the sadistic ways that a Goddess can think of will never cease to amaze you and they will leave you writhing on the floor in agony with bruised balls and welts on your cock – How to have cock and ball torture This woman is WAY out of your league and she would never sleep with you if you were the last man on earth but what she WILL do, however, is make sure you know she fucks other men. As soon as you are old enough to reach the bowl, you unzip, get it out and let it flow. Men who aren’t snivelling little slaves who get humiliated by beautiful women.The list of degrading and menial jobs a Dominatrix can think of is vast and endless.

With their experience and sadistic imagination, the can always come up with different tasks to keep you occupied that will drive you to tears with boredom but of course, you must see it through to the end An over the knee spanking is a staple part of any sub/Domme relationship. See more on our spanking chat rooms here Forcing a male to dress as a woman is a very humiliating thing to do to him.

Treated like a naughty little boy and sent to stand in the corner for hours at a time is one VERY humiliating punishment.

Forgetting to call her Mistress, answering back, an unauthorised erection or just because she’s in a shitty mood can all lead to you standing in the corner with your face to the wall.

Real men, while you get to run around after her, massaging her feet or kissing her ass, just to be allowed near her. What YOU get is made to sit down like a woman to urinate.

It might sound harmless but think of the utter degradation of having to sit on the toilet pan simply to pee?

Especially when you hear her evil laughing as you do it Your birth name was given when your parents thought you would grow to be a man.